Entrepreneurs often need a small amount of capital to get their idea to a Series A milestone. At AMV, we believe in helping founders who have a big vision develop some of their core technology and get to a state where they can raise a larger round of financing. We prefer to see this as an equity round but will fund with a convertible note in certain situations.

Early Stage

With our early stage investments the AMV team use their past entrepreneurial experience in an active role to help founders tackle typical early stage problems around hiring, strategic focus, technical development, sales channels and business partnerships. This is a stage where our companies begin to accelerate in growth and scale. AMV often partners with other top-tier venture firms in the Series A and B financings.

Information Technology

We are seeing several fundamental drivers of disruption, and therefore opportunity, in the broad technology markets. As the cost of processing and storage rapidly decrease and as companies continue to make improvements in miniaturization and integration, the cost of starting revolutionary IT companies has decreased dramatically. AMV is focused on areas that can capitalize on these changes:

Health Sciences Technology

AMV views Health Sciences Technology (HST) as the application of technology to healthcare markets, a burgeoning opportunity that will likely exceed a trillion dollars over the next few decades. Although we focus on opportunities that avoid or mitigate FDA regulatory risk we see the scope of the HST opportunity to be quite broad and the underlying technologies to be multidisciplinary in nature. Some areas of interest include: