Early Stage

With our early stage investments the AMV team use their past entrepreneurial experience in an active role to help founders tackle typical early stage problems around hiring, strategic focus, technical development, sales channels and business partnerships. This is a stage where our companies begin to accelerate in growth and scale. AMV often partners with other top-tier venture firms in Seed and Series A financings.

Digital Health

Our early lead as one of the first investors in digital health is reflected in the depth, breadth and quality of our portfolio. We continue to build upon our reputation by leveraging deep relationships with leading accelerators, as well as payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies within the healthcare industry that are eager to adopt digital health tools.

We believe that the confluence of regulatory changes driven by the Affordable Care Act, and new forms of data from a proliferation of devices has already begun to fundamentally disrupt the healthcare economy. Since payers, providers and pharma are now incentivized to focus on outcomes, they are increasingly interested in tools that help them engage with patients. In some cases, those tools make communication between healthcare professionals and patients more efficient and effective. In other cases, a technology solution is able to supplement or partially replace a healthcare professional. Almost all solutions rely on the increasing ability of ubiquitous mobile devices to collect data and improve communication channels.

In particular, we are looking for entrepreneurs that can apply new technologies to a rapidly changing healthcare industry. We believe that almost every digital health company will need to work with existing players, and so we look for business models that have carefully considered the system in which care is currently administered. Ultimately, we believe that this will be a multi-billion dollar industry, and that we are well-positioned to identify future winners today.

Information Technology

We invest broadly across technology startups and believe, in the midst of tremendous change, the demand for cheaper, faster, better stays the same. Our investments span the gamut from a consumer mobile app with remarkable traction to a manufacturer of game-changing private airplanes. Our investments inform and are informed by our digital health investments.

Currently, we are particularly interested in Big Data and the Internet of Things.

The pioneers of Big Data were large tech companies that have been able to hire an army of data scientists to provide analytical support. We expect that opportunities to democratize the technology will be successful in the future.

Additionally, we believe that current analytical applications of Big Data are only scratching the surface of its capabilities. In the future, we expect that Big Data products will allow companies to automatically and dynamically nudge people towards preferred outcomes -- whether offering a ride-share driver a real-time incentive to pick up a remote customer or giving a diabetes patient the right content at the right time to promote healthier behavior. Increasingly, automated data products will also take on tasks that were not previously considered automatable, like the creation of creative ad content or the communication between a student and a guidance counselor.

Life Sciences

In healthcare, in addition to digital health, we have a longstanding commitment to investing in novel therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics. Our focus in digital health stemmed from our history in understanding the life science industry and its stakeholders. The relationships we have with payers, providers, and pharma remain critical for identifying pain points and unmet needs that serve as the foundation for our investment thesis. Furthermore, we believe that best-in-class technologies (not “me-too” ideas) can change diagnosis and treatment paradigms in the healthcare industry.

Our life science focus remains broad, ranging from cardiology and oncology to rare orphan diseases. Additionally, we have continued interest in a multitude of emerging fields such as genomics, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, and more.

We are deeply data-driven and are agnostic in our investment approach. In a rapidly evolving healthcare system where a record number of therapies, diagnostics, and medical devices are being approved, data remains central in recognizing breakthroughs and forming our convictions in new philosophies. For this reason, we keep close ties to academia and industry.

If our history and experience in building some of the largest global therapeutics companies has taught us anything, it has been that successful companies can come in any form. We have helped start companies from academic settings and as spin-offs from industry. We have aided companies from their early stages through IPO.