Carta Healthcare


San Mateo, CA

Deal Team:

Skip Fleshman, Alison (“AJ”) Jahansouz

Utilizes AI on complex EMR data to empower clinicians to make better patient-centric care decisions with minimal change to existing infrastructure or workflows.


For nearly half a century, Asset Management pushed technology and healthcare innovation to new levels. Some of our early investments included Boole and Babbage, the first venture capital-funded software company; Tandem Computer, the visit website first fault-tolerant computers; and Coherent Laser, one of the first lasers for healthcare applications. In the late 1970’s, Pitch helped form a whole new industry — biotechnology. In 1980, he and Bill Bowes from USVP founded and invested in Applied Molecular Genetics, known today as Amgen.


AMV is a venture capital firm investing in
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