December 30 Skybox “Skybox Imaging Captures First High-Resolution, HD Video of Earth from Space” – VizWorld
December 30 Skybox “Shocking High-Definition Video of Earth from Space Freaks Out People?” – Design & Trend
December 30 Skybox “High-Definition Video of Earth a First” – Liberty Voice
December 28 Skybox “View From a Height: Two New Services Provide Pix of Earth from Space” – Slate
December 27 Skybox “The First HD Video of Earth From Space—That You Can Buy” – The Atlantic
December 23 ImmunoCellular ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces First Patient Receives Vaccine in Phase I Trial of Cancer Vaccine ICT-121 in Recurrent Glioblastoma
December 19 Ooma “Startup toymaker dials up Internet phone system to build credibility” – ZDNet
December 17 Chimerix Chimerix Added to NASDAQ Biotechnology Index
December 17 LiquidM “Why The Future Of Mobile Ad Tech Is SaaS: 3 Lessons From Enterprise Software” – Adotas
December 16 Skybox “Skybox Imaging—First Captures Are Available” – SatNews
December 13 Indi Molecular “Indi Molecular Raises $300K as It Continues Push to Develop, Showcase PCC Technology” – GenomeWeb
December 12 HealthTap “5 myths about the marketplace that mobile strategies busted” – TheNextWeb
December 11 Esperion ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Phase II Study Demonstrates That Glioblastoma Patients Live Longer Without Disease Progression When Treated With ICT-107
December 7 Proteus “The Digital Doctor is In” – Vancouver Sun
December 6 RallyPoint “Yinon Weiss on Building Social Network RallyPoint to Connect the Military and Employers” – SocialTimes
December 5 Morpheus Medical “The Future of Medicine” – Al Jazeera America
December 4 Ooma “Ooma puts some oomph in phone systems for small business” – Yahoo!
December 4 RallyPoint “Military networking site beginning to take off” – Boston Globe
November 24 Esperion 50 Percent of Patients in Cedars-Sinai Brain Cancer Study Alive After Five Years
November 22 Kii “How mobile startup Kii helps millions of app developers” – Tech in Asia
November 20 Ooma “Ooma Office review: This VoIP-based phone system makes small businesses seem big” – PC World
November 20 HealthTap “Ron Gutman’s HealthTap Seeks to be the First Global Mobile Health Brand” – Forbes
November 18 Skybox “Silicon Valley and the commercialization of space” – BoingBoing
November 18 Skybox “Silicon Valley Goes to Space” – KQED
November 18 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Presents Full Results of Phase 2 Clinical Study Demonstrating that ETC-1002 Lowered LDL-C by an Average of 32 Percent and Was Well Tolerated in Patients with Hypercholesterolemia and History of Statin Intolerance
November 14 RallyPoint “With Fresh $5 Million, RallyPoint Marches To Build LinkedIn For Vets” – Forbes
November 13 Proteus “The new high-tech you” – MSN Money
November 13 Maverix Maverix Biomics Forms Strategic Co-Marketing Alliance with QIAGEN
November 12 Proteus “Medication adherence: Whose problem is it?” – mobihealthnews
November 11 Proteus “London-based Proteus Digital Health wants to put Bluetooth in your medicine” – Wired
November 11 RallyPoint “RallyPoint applies LinkedIn’s model to the military” – TechHive
November 7 Proteus “Proteus makes sure you’ll never miss a pill” – The Push
November 7 HealthTap “Paging Doctor Siri: A Hands-Free Way to Ask All Your Medical Questions” – Mashable
November 6 Kii “Apps platform Kii could help solve Southeast Asia’s fragmentation, talent woes” – Tech in Asia
November 5 CardioDX “CardioDX sets IPO price targets for $92M offerin” – Silicon Valley Business Journal
November 4 RallyPoint “Boston startup musters $5M in venture capital” – Boston Herald
November 4 RallyPoint “Military ‘LinkedIn’ Raises $5 Million in Funding” – Fox News
November 4 RallyPoint “RallyPoint raises $5M as military networking site passes 100K members” – Boston Business Journal
November 4 RallyPoint “The ‘LinkedIn for the Military’ Commemorates Its One-Year Anniversary By Raising $5 Million” – BostonInno
November 4 Lark “High-Tech Health” – Bloomberg
November 3 RallyPoint “Vets, take 2 years to prep for private jobs” – USAToday
November 2 HealthTap “HealthTap Is An App Like Siri For Health Careta” – TechFaster
November 1 HealthTap “Can You Smile Your Way To Success?” – NPR TED Radio Hour
October 31 Ooma “Value-added is the Future of Voice” – TechZone360
October 30 HealthTap “Why Go To The Doctor When You Can Talk To A Doctor In Your Phone?” – Fast Company Co.Exist
October 30 HealthTap “HealthTap releases voice-controlled Q&A app that turns your phone into a doctor” – VentureBeat
October 30 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Phase 2b Clinical Study of ETC-1002 in Patients With or Without Statin Intolerance and Hypercholesterolemia
October 30 HealthTap “HealthTap launches Siri-like app, hires WebMD alum” – mobihealthnews
October 30 HealthTap “Doctor Q&A site HealthTap wants to give patients a Siri-like way to access health info” – GigaOm
October 30 HealthTap “HealthTap Lets You Ask The Doctor” – Information Week
October 24 HealthTap “HealthTap hires Nan-Kirsten Forte as CCO, chief customer officer” – San Francisco Business Times
October 23 HealthTap “How I Disrupted the Health Care Industry” – Inc
October 23 HealthTap “The top online health services for consumers” – VentureBeat
October 21 CardioDX CardioDx Real-World Registry Study Shows Use of the Corus CAD Gene Expression Test Helps Reduce Unnecessary Patient Referrals for Cardiac Testing
October 21 Proteus “Canadian Experts Suggest a ‘Perfect Storm’ is Brewing in Digital Healthcare” – TechVibes
October 21 Ooma “Buy phone hardware, then US calls are free” – San Diego Source
October 14 Skybox “Skybox Imaging’s Hopes High as Launch of First Satellites Draws Near” – SpaceNews
October 13 Icon Aircraft “Law change gives lift to folding aircraft project” – Financial Times
October 12 Ooma “Problem solving gadgets for everyday problems” – ABC News
October 12 CardioDx “Heart test maker CardioDx seeks up to $86.25M in IPO” – Silicon Valley Business Journal
October 11 CardioDx Cardiovascular disease diagnostic company CardioDx files for a $86 million IPO
October 10 LiquidM LiquidM unwraps industry’s first white-labeled Mobile Advertising Mobile Advertising Management Platform and announces $5m series A funding
October 10 LiquidM “LiquidM puts the ‘tech’ back in ad tech: Raises $5M for a white-label mobile ad management platform” – VentureBeat
October 10 LiquidM “Just-Launched Mobile Ad Management Platform LiquidM Raises $5M” – TechCrunch
October 10 LiquidM “LiquidM introduces white-labeled mobile advertising management platform” – GigaOm
October 10 CardioDx New Data Highlight Value of Corus® CAD in Reducing Unnecessary Cardiac Testing and Costs for Women with Symptoms Suggestive of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease
October 7 HealthTap “HealthTap Set to Tap Growing Medical Marketplace” – The Dish Daily
October 5 HealthTap “An App That Saved 10,000 Lives” – New York Times
September 25 HealthTap “How mobile tech can transform health care” – Forbes
September 5 HealthTap “Healthcare Startups Can Save Lives — And Rake in Big Money” – Wired
September 3 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Announces Positive Top-Line Results from Phase 2 Clinical Study of ETC-1002 as an Add-On to Statin Therapy in Patients with Hypercholesterolemia
September 1 Proteus “The pill that can text from inside the body” – The Telegraph
August 31 Proteus “Astonishing but True! The miracle pill that will text your relatives every time you take it” – The Daily Mail
August 28 Skybox “Green fuels blast off” – Nature
August 27 HealthTap “Have a pressing medical question? There’s an app for that” – CBS News
August 26 CardioDx Review Published in PLOS Currents Highlights Overall Evidence for the Use of Corus® CAD to Evaluate Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease
August 12 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Reports Second Quarter Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update
August 10 Skybox “Microsatellites: What Big Eyes They Have” – New York Times
August 6 HealthTap “A Doctor’s Visit Without the Cold Stethoscope” – Wall Street Journal
August 5 Skybox “How 24 Tiny Satellites Could Change Business Forever” – The Atlantic
August 2 AchieveMint “AchieveMint Gives You Cash for Doing Healthy Activities” – Mashable
July 30 ImmunoCellular ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Phase I Trial of Cancer Vaccine ICT-121 in Recurrent Glioblastoma
July 29 Ooma “Pay just $4 a month for your home phone service with Ooma” – ABC News
July 29 Kii “7 Things App Developers Don’t Know About the China Mobile Market (But Should)” – ReadWriteWeb
July 29 ICON Aircraft FAA Grants Spin-Resistance Weight Exemption
July 29 ICON Aircraft “Icon gets weight limit increase for up to 250 pounds” – AOPA
July 26 Morpheus Medical “Silicon Valley Fights for Immigrant Talent” – MIT Technology Review
July 25 Lark “Bionic fashion: Wearable tech that will turn man into machine by 2015″ – CNN
July 22 Icon Aircraft ICON Aircraft Releases Production Details on A5′s AoA
July 22 Icon Aircraft “New Safety Feature in This Amphibious Plane Could Prevent Crashes” – Wired
July 22 Ooma “OOMA Office brings enterprise-style VOIP services to SOHO and SMBs” – ZDNet
July 22 Proteus “Bend The Healthcare Cost Curve Downward By Letting Healthcare Costs Rise” – Forbes
July 18 AchieveMint “Mashup Analytics: The Future Of Big Data” – Information Week
July 17 Ooma “6 Important Services to Enjoy Entirely Free” – Huffington Post
July 17 HealthTap “What the healthcare ruling means for tech” – Fortune
July 16 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. [ESPR] to Ring The NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell
July 16 KeepSafe “KeepSafe, The Private Photo Gallery App, Raises $3.4M And Grows To 13M Users” – TechCrunch
July 13 Ooma “Ooma Office means saving money for your business” – Examiner
July 11 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Exercise of Underwriters’ Over-Allotment Option for Initial Public Offering
July 3 Proteus, HealthTap “Venture Investors Continue Love Affair with Digital Health Startups” – Xconomy
July 1 Esperion “How Biotechs Got Hot” – Wall Street Journal
June 26 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
June 24 Proteus “We Will Soon Be Swallowing Computers Instead Of Pills To Help Doctors Cure Us” – Business Insider
June 23 HealthTap “7 predictions for the future of health care technology” – VentureBeat
June 23 Proteus “Disruptions: Medicine That Monitors You” – New York Times
June 20 ICON Aircraft ICON Aircraft Raises $60 Million of Investment Capital for Full-Scale Production
June 18 Skybox “The Watchers” – Wired
June 12 Kii Kii Corp Unveils “Kii to China”, Full-Service App Publishing Package for China Smartphone Market
June 12 Kii “Japan’s Kii Launches A Publishing Service To Help App Developers Crack The Chinese Market” – TechCrunch
June 7 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Announces Positive Top-Line Results from Phase 2 Clinical Study of Novel Oral Therapy in Patients with Hypercholesterolemia and a History of Statin Intolerance
June 6 Ooma “Get an Ooma Telo home phone system for $99.99″ – CNET
June 3 ImmunoCellular NeoStem’s Subsidiary, PCT, Enters Into a Manufacturing Agreement With ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. for Dendritic Cell Vaccines Targeting Brain and Other Cancers
June 3 Chimerix Chimerix and BARDA Continue Collaboration on Development of CMX001 as a Medical Countermeasure Against Smallpox
May 31 Ooma “Ooma’s a great alternative to local phone service” – San Jose Mercury News
May 30 HealthTap “How do you find the best mobile health apps? HealthTap gets doctors to weigh in” – GigaOm
May 30 HealthTap “HealthTap launches ‘AppRx’ so you can get app recommendations from real doctors” – VentureBeat
May 29 Proteus “Motorola shows off insane electronic tattoo and ‘vitamin authentication’ prototype wearables” – The Verge
May 28 Lark “Your Health Habits, Digitized” – Inc.
May 23 Proteus “Contextual Health vs The Elephant in the Hospital” – Forbes
May 22 HealthTap “Need a doctor’s advice? It’s a tap away with this app” – Fox News
May 17 Esperion “PTC, Esperion, bluebird join the IPO frenzy in biotech with genetic therapies” – Fierce Biotech
May 16 ImmunoCellular ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Key Patent Covering ICT-107 Cancer Vaccine Target
May 15 Esperion “Esperion Files For $70M IPO” – CBS Detroit
May 15 Esperion “Esperion Therapeutics of Plymouth Township files for IPO” – Detroit Free Press
May 15 Esperion “Esperion files for IPO to fund testing for cholesterol-lowering drug” – Crain’s Detroit Business
May 14 Ooma Ooma Office Now Available for Small Businesses at Staples Stores Nationwide
May 14 Skybox Skybox Imaging Announces Strategic Partnership with Japan Space Imaging
May 14 Esperion “Esperion Therapeutics files for a $70M IPO” – Seeking Alpha
May 13 Ooma “Phone Sounds Good, but How Is the Deal?” – New York Times
May 10 Chimerix Data on Chimerix’s CMX001 Selected for Two Oral Presentations at the 26th International Conference on Antiviral Research
May 9 CardioDx CardioDx Receives College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap: Where Medicine Meets Mobile” – BloomBerg
May 8 Kii “5 facts about the Asian smartphone market Western developers must know” – VentureBeat
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap raises $24 million” – San Francisco Business Times
May 8 HealthTap “Startup HealthTap gets $24M to treat ‘demand shock’ of new Obamacare patients” – GigaOm
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap, a platform for connecting patients and doctors, raises $24 million from Khosla Ventures and others” – The Next Web
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap Lands $24M From Khosla Ventures And Keith Rabois To Take Its “Quora For Doctors” Global” – TechCrunch
May 8 HealthTap “Khosla Ventures Joins HealthTap’s New Round” – Wall Street Journal
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap Raises More Than Health $24M in Funding” – All Things D
May 8 HealthTap “HealthTap scores $24M from Khosla & others, former Square COO Keith Rabois joins board” – VentureBeat
May 7 HealthTap “The Best Health Apps” – Tech Cocktail
May 6 Esperion “Esperion plans IPO to get drug to market” – Crain’s Detroit Business
May 6 Maverix Maverix and System Biosciences Simplify Discovery of Novel Biomarkers
May 6 Chimerix Chimerix to Announce First Quarter Financial Results on May 13, 2013
May 4 Esperion Esperion announces results from Phase 1 study and four preclinical studies for ETC-1002
May 2 madvertise madvertise and Turkcell Announce New Partnership
May 2 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Presents Full Results of Phase 2 Clinical Trial Showing Its Novel Oral Therapy ETC-1002 Lowered LDL-C By Up to 43
May 1 Proteus Oracle Invests in Proteus Digital Health and its FDA-Approved Ingestible Sensor Platform
May 1 Proteus Proteus Digital Health Completes $62.5 Million Financing
May 1 Proteus “Company behind ‘digital pill’ with embedded chip raises $62.5M” – GigaOm
April 30 madvertise madvertise Launches madTrust to Provide Greater Transparency for Mobile Ad Campaigns
April 26 Esperion Esperion Therapeutics Completes $33 Million Preferred Financing to Advance Its Novel Oral LDL-C Lowering Therapy to Later Stage Clinical
April 25 CardioDx CardioDx and Core Diagnostics India Announce Exclusive Corus® CAD Product Marketing and Sales Agreement
April 25 Esperion “Esperion Therapeutics Raises $33M to Further Clinical Trials” – Xconomy
April 24 Chimerix Chimerix Announces Final Study Design for Phase 3 SUPPRESS Trial of CMX001 for Prevention of CMV Infection
April 24 Skybox Imaging “Satellite Imagery Company Skybox Teams Up With MapBox For Analysis And Annotation Of Data” – TechCrunch
April 16 Proteus “The Newest, High-Tech Pill Will Text When Swallowed” – Forbes
April 15 HealthTap “Social media comes to health care” – Fortune
April 11 HealthTap “The Ultra-Popular App That Has Convinced Doctors To Give Their Services For Free” – Co.Exist
March 28 Proteus “Take Your Pills, Reminders From Apps and Gadgets” – Bloomberg Businessweek
March 25 CardioDx Study Finds Corus CAD to Be More Accurate in Excluding the Diagnosis of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease in Women than Standard Diagnostic Methods
March 16 HealthTap “HealthTap’s Q&A Service Sees 7.5M Uniques Per Month, With MDs Spending An Hour Per Session Providing 581M Answers” – TechCrunch
March 13 Proteus “10 Ideas That Make A Difference: Wear Your Doctor” – Time Magazine
March 12 Chimerix FDA Grants Fast Track Designation for CMX001 for the Prevention of Clinically Significant CMV Infection
March 11 CardioDx Data Presented at ACC 2013 Confirms Use of Corus® CAD in Women with Suspected Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease Influences Patient Management Decisions
March 8 Chimerix Chimerix Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering
March 7 HealthTap “HealthTap Positions Itself for Rush of Obamacare Patients in 2014″ – Xconomy
March 4 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Key Patent for ICT-121 Cancer Vaccine
February 20 Maverix Biomics Analysis Without Command Lines
February 14 HealthTap HealthTap Delivers Personalized, Doctor-Authored Health Tips to Your Phone or Inbox Every Day
February 12 Skybox Imaging Skybox Imaging Accelerates Constellation Deployment
February 11 Rapidscan Mallinckrodt Medical BV will promote and distribute Rapiscan® (regadenoson) in France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain
February 11 Proteus “Most Innovative Companies 2013″ – Fast Company
February 5 KeepSafe “A Private Photos App That’s Growing? KeepSafe Crosses 1B Hidden Photos, 3M Active Users” – TechCrunch
January 29 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics ImmunoCellular Therapeutics’ Investigational New Drug (IND) Application for ICT-140 Allowed by the FDA
January 14 Skybox Imaging ECAPS signs first U.S. commercial contract with Skybox Imaging for complete propulsion system
January 14 Lark “Track Stars” – Time Magazine
January 9 Ooma Ooma® to provide small businesses with affordable big business phone solution
January 7 Esperion Esperion announces positive topline results from a Phase 2 clinical trial of ETC-1002 in patients with type 2 diabetes
January 7 Proteus Digital Health Proteus Digital Health Expands Commercial Team and Board of Directors to Drive Commercial Growth
January 7 Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. Announces Launch of New VELOX™ procedure with Sonoma CRx® clavicle repair device
January 4 Esperion Tim Mayleben named President and CEO of Esperion Therapeutics
January 2 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Appoints Gary S. Titus to its Board of Directors