It came from Japan: the mobile gaming IPO

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Appoints Andrew Gengos as Chief Executive Officer

HealthTap Buys Health Biz of Avvo

Skybox Imaging Completes Significant Testing Milestone Preceding Its First Satellite and Product Launch

Esperion Therapeutic’s ETC-1002 program recognized as one of PRS and Windhover’s -Top 10 CV/Metabolic Projects

CardioDx Announces Data Demonstrating the Clinical Utility of Its Gene Expression Test for Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease in Patients 65 or Older

Chimerix Appoints M. Michelle Berrey Chief Medical Officer

CardioDx Announces New Data Supporting the Clinical Utility and Validity of Corus CAD
at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2012

Breaking the NGS Data Analytics Bottleneck

Maverix Biomics Announces Breakthrough Analytic Platform for Next Generation Sequencing Data

Digital startup HealthTap now allows doctors and patients to endorse skills, bedside manner

Ooma HD2 Handset Boasts a Two-inch Color Display and Picture Caller-ID Ooma Linx™ Remote Phone Jack Wirelessly Connects Telephony Devices to Ooma Telo

Kii Launches Carrier-Grade, Self-Service Cloud for Mobile App Developers

Lark Goes Beyond Sleep Monitoring With Larklife, A $149.99 Device And App For Exercise, Diet, And More

CardioDx Honored as One of FierceMedicalDevices’ Fierce 15 Most Promising Private Companies

Medical app HealthTap launches feature that lets doctors translate medical research for the masses

Chimerix Presents Data Highlighting Burden of Care Associated with Current Antiviral Therapies in Stem Cell Transplantation

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of Phase II Trial of ICT-107 in Glioblastoma

Ooma device can cut phone costs while travelling

CardioDx Announces Medicare Coverage for Corus CAD Gene Expression Test for the Diagnosis of Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease

ICON Aircraft and Cirrus Aircraft to Partner on the Production of the ICON A5 Amphibious Sport Plane

Proteus Digital Health Announces FDA Clearance of Ingestible Sensor

Chimerix Signs Worldwide License Agreement with Merck for CMX157, A Novel Candidate for the Treatment of HIV

Dave Mandelkern
Partner: Lou Lange

Enabling the next generation surfing of genomic sequencing data.

Proteus Biomedical tweaks branding, partners with Abilify-maker Otsuka

HealthTap Unveils Micropayment System and Doctor Chat

Acquired by Terumo

Develops and commercializes innovative endovascular technologies.

Acquired by Boston Scientific (currently private)

Develops products designed to address unmet clinical needs and expand the pool of patients who are candidates for endovascular aortic repair (EVAR).

ICON Aircraft Demonstrates Historic Safety Achievement

How Lark Went From Idea to Apple Store in One Year

This App Will Change Everything About Health Care

Results from Two Studies Demonstrate the Clinical Utility of CardioDx Gene Expression Test in Patients with Suspected Obstructive Coronary Artery Disease

CardioDx Honored as 2012 Gold Edison Award Winner

Lark Bracelet Helps Improve Quality of Your Sleep

Skybox Imaging Raises $70M To Launch Two High-Res Imaging Microsatellites

William McMillan
Partner: Lou Lange

Develops an in vivo human sensor system to generate real-time data on the levels of various body chemistries.  First application being a glucose monitoring system.

Acquired by: Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)
Leadership: Tom Ingersoll, Dan Berkenstock, John Fenwick
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Develops the world’s highest performance constellation of imaging micro satellites to deliver high resolution imagery of any spot on earth multiple times per day.

HealthTap Uncovers The Secret Knowledge Network Of Doctors, Online

Esperion announces positive phase 2 clinical trial results for ETC-1002


Formerly Novocell, Inc.

A stem cell engineering company dedicated to creating and commercializing cell therapies to treat diabetes.

Acquired by Lumesse AS

Developer of cloud based e-learning systems, software and training courses to provide solutions to help organizations implement effective learning programs.

Acquired by Synopsys (NASDAQ: SNPS)
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Simulation of hardware in mobile devices

Acquired: Previously VetCentric

E-business management site for veterinary medicine.

Acquired by Autonomy


Enterprise search software



Automatic test equipment

Acquired by Compaq Computer
Now owned by Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ)
Partner: Pitch Johnson

Fault-tolerant computers

Leadership: All Isao Sugiyama
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Planning, developing and creating social gaming applications

Acquired by Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ)
Partner: Skip Fleshman, Rich Simoni

Database automation to improve operational efficiency.

Leadership: Glen Coleman
Partner: Rich Simoni

Bone-fixation device

Merged with Synclore to form Kii Corp.
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Wireless Search



Department store chain

Acquired by BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC)

IT and management software

Leadership: Brent Blackburn
Partner: Lou Lange

RapidScan is improving patient care surrounding the diagnosis of cardiac disease by reducing time and cost while increasing efficiency.

Acquired by ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT)

Manufacturer of computer peripherals

Acquired by Pinnacle Technical Resources

Contingent labor management solutions (SaaS)

Leadership: Andrew Thompson, George Savage
Partner: Rich Simoni

Proteus Digital Health believes in better health, powered by you. Their digital health feedback technology is integrated into ingestible products, providing unprecedented views into your personal health choices and physiologic response.


Business services



Broadband communications



Energy potentiating drugs



Product lifecycle management software

Leadership: Eric Stang
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Residential VoIP phones.



Voice recognition software

Leadership: C. Mark Melliar-Smith
Partner: Ben Dubin

Nano level lithography

Acquired by Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO)


Networking and communications products

Leadership: Julia Hu
Partner: Skip Fleshman

A novel sleep device that includes a silent alarm, sleep coaching and rich data to help improve overall wellness.

Leadership: Masanari Arai
Partner: Skip Fleshman

A worldwide leader in mobile backup, search, and discovery.

Leadership: Zouhair Belkoura
Partner: Rich Simoni

Producer of privacy software empowering the user to control personal data on their mobile device.

Leadership: Andrew Gengos
Partner: Lou Lange

Developer of active immunotherapies to target regular tumor cells as well as cancer stem cells believed to cause cancer growth and reoccurrence.

Leadership: Kirk Hawkins
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Designs and manufactures Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Acquired by Eli Lilly & Co. (NYSE: LLY)

Developer of monoclonal antibodies used in the making of diagnostic and medical monitoring tests.

Leadership: Ron Gutman
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Web and mobile-based interaction between physicians and patients

Acquired by Baxter International (NASDAQ: BAX)

Wound closure products used during surgical procedures.

Leadership: Roger Newton
Partner: Lou Lange

Developer of HDL therapies to prevent, treat, and reverse cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Acquired by Boston Scientific (NASDAQ: BSX)

Designed and manufactured a liquid polymer technology for the treatment of GERD.

Acquired by Trimble
Partner: Skip Fleshman

After market auto electronics

Acquired by Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD)
Leadership: Lou Lange
Partner: Pitch Johnson


Molecular cardiology and drug discovery

Acquired by STI (NASDAQ: SCON)

Manufacturer of semiconductoring wires



Photonics based solutions

Nasdaq: CMRX
Leadership: Kenneth Moch
Partner: Skip Fleshman

Drug discovery and development in the area of infectious diseases.

Acquired by Quest Diagnostics (NYSE: DGX)

Formerly NASDAQ: CRA

Cost effective human genome sequencing

Leadership: David Levison
Partner: Lou Lange

A cardiovascular genomic diagnostics company developing tests to aid and tailor the care of individuals with cardiovascular diseases.

Acquired by Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR)
Partner: Rich Simoni

Precise timing for cellular and IP networks

Partner: Pitch Johnson

Formerly Boole and Babbage

Enterprise software solutions

Acquired by Sanofi-Aventis
Partner: Skip Fleshman

A biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of cancer therapies.

Partner: Pitch Johnson

Immunotherapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases

Acquired by Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC)

Platform infrastructure for sensor data

Acquired by Conner Peripherals

Computer tape-drive manufacturer

Acquired by Perkin-Elmer as part of LIFE
Partner: Pitch Johnson

Genetic engineering and diagnostic research instruments

Partner: Pitch Johnson

Develops and sells therapeutics based on advances in cellular and molecular biology.

Partner: Pitch Johnson

Stand alone semiconductor solutions

Jeff Robert, Lampros Kourtis
Rich Simoni

A medical device company that is pioneering new approaches to joint repair through its proprietary, synthetic cartilage technology.

Wireless Medical Monitors Transforming Patient Care

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Reports Manufacturing Process Data for ICT-107

Three Wire Systems Partners with LARK to Fight Sleep Disorders

KeepSafe raises $700,000 seed round led by Asset Management

A5 Achieves Historic Safety Milestone

Chimerix Antiviral Compound CMX001 Meets CMV Phase 2 Primary Endpoint in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

On HealthTap, Advice for the Ill, and Points for the Doctors

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Receives Notice of Allowance of Cancer Stem Cell Targeting Patent

Chimerix Announces Presentation of Final Data from CMX001 Ph 2 Trial in Prophylaxis of CMV in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Provides Update on Phase II Clinical Trial of ICT-107 for the Treatment of Glioblastoma

New ‘Smart’ Pill With Edible Microchip Monitors Patients’ Medication

Lloydspharmacy partners with Proteus Biomedical to launch innovative digital health product

Ooma Adds Smart Phone Features To Home Phone

Proteus Partner Avery Commercializes Metria with BodyMedia

Today’s Wearable Computers Help You Sleep, Not Tweet

Microsoft’s Newest Flight Simulator Goes Freemium – Features ICON’s A5